(Video) Meet Digital Extremes post Darkness 2

Having London, Ontario as your hometown has many great advantages – not least of which is sharing city with the talented folks at Digital Extremes. We were lucky enough to be invited to their launch party for The Darkness 2 (read our review) and managed to get seven exclusive interviews with the folks behind the latest instalment of the cult classic, The Darkness. Here we go!

Interview 1 – Michael Schmalz, president at Digital Extremes

Interview 2 – Dave Kudirka, producer

Interview 3 – Mathieu Bérubé, multiplayer designer

Interview 4 – Tom Galt, lead level designer

Interview 5 – Rick Gimbel, animator

Interview 6 – Ryan Marr, quality assurance lead

Interview 7 – Mat Tremblay, art director

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