About GDP

GamesDay is a weekly blast of videogame culture, doled out in podcast form. Every Wednesday night at 8:30pm ET, we record a show about our video game passion to the world and afterwards is uploaded to the web for all to see and share.

Videos, news, and gaming culture are shared every day at gamesday.ca by our awesome team of gamer authors. We’re very proud of this project and what we’ve accomplished so far, especially when it comes to the successes we’ve had with the local gaming community (including our partnerships with our friends at GamerPops, DIG London, and the Hello My Game Is meetup events).

The original purpose of GamesDay was for Matt, Ian, and Mathew to see each other more, by getting together to play games for 12 hour marathons. Eventually, we turned that desire to get together outward and decided to share that passion for playing together with likeminded folks through awfully grainy videos shot in Tinderbox Studios (Mathew’s garage – named that because it’s a fire trap).

Out of that came all of the awesome friends and connections we’ve made along the way (that’s you!). It’s been over 100 episodes and over 64 hours of gaming banter, news and art sharing, and more. We’re proud of where we’ve come from and the friends who’ve helped us along the way – and we’re even more excited about what lies in the future for GamesDay and gaming!

Thanks for joining this shared journey!

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