The Avatars

The Avatars

The Avatars are representations of what we think makes a good gamer and game review site:

The Keener

The Keener (green) is an uncanny survivalist. Having spent three weeks with no food or water in the wreckage of an ultralight aircraft in the Rockies, the Keener is able to make do and blend in with his surroundings.

Having been not only an airforce pilot, paranormal investigator, liberator of undisclosed countries, rescuer of fungi, star athlete, and rock and roll superstar (among many other things), the Keener is always ready, willing, and able, to tackle new challenges.

The Guru

The Guru (red) hails from a secret monastic fortress deep within the Eastern jungles of Ta’Zil Quab. Amidst the hallowed halls of the ancient fortress, the Guru has honed his gaming knowledge and ability to time jumps. He has been summoned by GameDay to share his knowledge and skills with the gaming world.

Immeasurably wise, the Guru thinks before he speaks and is rarely seen not medidating. In addition to a wealth of forgotten arcane lore and ability, the Guru is a font of cheat codes, ideas, tips, tricks, and news.

The Monster

The Monster (blue) is a government experiment gone awry. Having escaped from a classified science laboratory in the Canadian shield with sheer determination, a pair of tweezers, three boots, one snowshoe, a rocket launcher, 16 grenades, a bright orange Stihl chainsaw, and a plush chew toy, with CSIS agents on his back, the Monster wandered across the tundra until he stumbled upon the Keener and the Guru in Southwestern Ontario. The Monster doesn’t speak proper words but instead grunts, growls, and leaves trails of saliva everywhere he goes.

The Monster is always the first one into a battle and the first to respawn.

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