GTA V – All PC Graphics Settings Compared

What an amazing video showcasing all the various graphic settings for GTA V. Not sure what “Anisotropic Filtering” or “Ambient Occlusion” is? Watch this video and find out. Better yet, find out how it affects the games performance and see if it’s worth the sacrifice to attain more of those elusive FPS.

Deus Ex – Mankind Divided

According to the fine folks at Neogaf the new Deus Ex game has been sussed out and will be called Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. I can’t wait for the game to hit as I was a huge fan of the most recent one. I loved the story and the art style and based on the trailer...
F1 2015 Release Date Revealed

F1 2015 Release Date Revealed

It was October of last year, just one month before the end of the season, that F1 2014 was released. To add to the disappointment of this, PS4 and Xbox One versions were conspicuously absent. Codemasters appears to be righting those wrongs with the upcoming F1 2015.