Introducing the Steam controller

The trailer for the new Steam controller is up! Having played with a past prototype, I can say that this thing is the real deal. It’s responsive and despite appearing awkward to use, it’s surprisingly easy. And that was a year ago – I can’t...

New Borderlands 2 footage emerges – no foolin’!

We’ve found teaser clips for Borderlands in two different video clips. The first clip, courtesy OXM magazine interviews Paul Hellquist, the Borderlands 2 Creative Director. Paul talks about some new enemies, characters, and environments in the upcoming game. The second clip shows new footage of Borderlands 2 but as part of a GeForce GTX680 video card promo featuring Randy Pitchford, the CEO of Gearbox Software. The new stuff shows particle, water, and fabric effects. Check them out!

(Video) Meet Digital Extremes post Darkness 2

Having London, Ontario as your hometown has many great advantages – not least of which is sharing city with the talented folks at Digital Extremes. We were lucky enough to be invited to their launch party for The Darkness 2 and managed to get seven exclusive interviews with the folks behind the latest instalment of the cult classic, The Darkness. Here we go!

(Video) BioShock Infinite: Booker and Elizabeth

In this clip, go behind the scenes with voice actors Troy Baker and Courtnee Draper and see (and hear) how they’ve brought the characters of Booker and Elizabeth to life. Irrational Games Creative Director Ken Levine also explains what’s it’s been like to work with the actors and what he looks for in the voice actors he hires.

Minecraft – 3D printer

Another one for the peanut butter and chocolate file, Minecraft user Shrogg2 has carved out an immense canyon and built an incredibly complex machine – a 3D printer – in the game. The video includes a pretty detailed look at how it was done. Have you built...