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GamesDay is a weekly podcast that covers the hottest gaming harware, software and community news around. When we’re not covering the latest gaming news every week on our podcast, we’re covering topics like retro games, games that are good for families, snacks, how gamers celebrate gaming culture, and more.

Audience and Exposure

GamesDay will be downloaded by approximately 3000 people this month. We think this is a pretty impressive number of viewers built up from zero that is doubling every few months. As much as we are proud of the number of viewers, we value the quality of our audience even more.

We reach a savvy, influential posse of male and female gamers with a weekly streamed show as well as our published episodes on iTunes, YouTube, Vimeo, Roku, and Boxee. We’re always on the lookout for advertisers who will benefit our viewers. To that end, we reserve the right to refuse sponsors whose products and services don’t meet the needs of our viewers.

We have a number of sponsorship packages. All of the sponsorship packages are as follows:

Sponsor a live episode

We prefer and are able to ad-lib about your product. If you require us to mention specific things, please provide talking points.

  • Mention by us on our live streamed show: $200 per episode
  • In-episode ad* in our posted show (following the opening and before the content): $500 per episode

*Best value! This sponsorship is permanent. Any time the episode you sponsor is downloaded, your message will be shown. The ad will never be edited out of the episode.

Sponsor the website

  • Small button ad on our homepage: $100 per month (four slots available)
  • Banner that spans the right column: $200 per month (one slot available)

Sponsor our live stream

We will provide a static banner image that will sit above our show on http://live.gamesdaypodcast.com and will be seen by all of the viewers of our weekly show. Don’t worry about competition – only one group can sponsor a live episode per week

  • $200 per live show

Sponsor a community event

GamesDay does community events that repeatedly bring out over 100 engaged gamers in and around London, Ontario, Canada, including on-site live streams from game launches, gaming conferences (like DIG London), tournaments, and hangouts. Event sponsorship costs $500 per event and includes:

  • Your logo on our poster and other marketing materials
  • Mention of you during our introduction, halftime, and event close
  • The possibility of showcasing or giving out your products at the event (provided by you)

When does your sponsorship begin?

As soon as payment is cleared and any collateral materials (video clips, stills, products, links, etc.) are received. We will inform you the minute it is posted and the minute it is taken down (if need be). We will include any kind of tracking links you’d like in the clickthroughs on our website.

Please note: if your sponsorship is limited to a specific episode (or episodes), know that because we aren’t (yet) doing GamesDay full time, it typically takes us a couple of days to get the weekly episode edited and posted. Your sponsorship will begin on the day we post the show you’ve decided to sponsor. We will write you to inform you when this happens. Additionally, GamesDay does NOT create ads or videos for sponsors.

Let’s get started!

Still with us? Awesome! We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us now to get started!

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