EP300 - Started from the Bottom and We're Still Here

by GDP | GamesDay Audio Show

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Mad Max – Gameplay

Well I’ve always been a fan of the Mad Max movies, and the latest one is shaping up from what we see in the trailers! and now this Gameplay trailer for the Mad Max game is gettting me even more excited, looks like a bit of the Batman/Shadows of Mordor fighting... read more

GTA V – All PC Graphics Settings Compared

What an amazing video showcasing all the various graphic settings for GTA V. Not sure what “Anisotropic Filtering” or “Ambient Occlusion” is? Watch this video and find out. Better yet, find out how it affects the games performance and see if it’s worth the sacrifice to attain more of those elusive FPS.

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House of Wolves Prologue

Oh man, I’m super glad I preordered this DLC! This prologue trailer looks super interesting and much more content-based than the last DLC somehow. I’m super interested to find out what’s going on here! According to Bungie’s site, the following... read more
Game Over by Kordian Lewandowski

Game Over by Kordian Lewandowski

A bit of Kordian’s process from beginning to end. Completed with simple styrofoam and middle grit sandpaper for smoothing. This Pieta-style statue is simply beautiful. It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of styrofoam and boundless creativity. See more... read more
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